Now I have to learn to use “y’all” properly…

So the big news is out.. we are officially moving to Houston!
I have been waiting for this. It seems like we have been sitting on this news for a year now (not really… but it sure feels like it), and we can finally shout it from the roof tops! So long California!!

Texas wood flag

Houston has so much more opportunity for us, a better place to raise a family, a better place to invest in a home, and better job opportunities for both of us! It’s a big move, a bit of a scary one, and the farthest either of us has ever been from “home”. But we are so so excited to take the leap and jump in. The hubs brother is stationed at Fort Hood so we have someone within a few hours, and we get to see the nieces and nephew more often now, which I couldn’t be more excited about! And with recent developments it seems that the hubs sister will be a little closer to (12 hours instead of 22).

So the moving game begins… renting out our current place, looking for a new place, purging, packing, all that way fun stuff that comes along with moving (again.. didn’t we just do this??). We just bought our current place last summer, and although we love it and it has proved to be a great home for us the last year, it’s time to move on.. bigger and better as they say! Which will absolutely be true since we are moving to a city where you can buy a mansion for I’m pretty sure the cost of a shoe box in the worst part of the ghetto here, ha.Texas Y'all

So excited for this new adventure in life. Sure to create lots of memories and learn new things along the way. Lot’s more Texas news to come, but until then.. I am off to practice my accent and my “y’alls”.



Growing Up

at her high school graduation c/o 2011

at her high school graduation c/o 2011

I was just talking to my sister-in-law yesterday about her going out of state to finish up her bachelors degree and play softball. It’s confirmed shes going to Missouri (MVC), she is leaving for Missouri in 13 days!! Completely sad, but also so excited for her!!¬†I am so happy¬†that she gets to play ball, get her education and be independent about it all. But it got me thinking.. I have known her since she was 11… 11!! I see her today and I can hardly even picture that little girl she once was. So many things have changed since then. We were both young, and awkward, and little! haha She has grown and matured into a wonderful person, who I so admire (I was going to say look up to… but I actually do since she towers over me now… so I went another direction instead).

There are many challenges lying ahead for her, but she will no doubt over come them all and learn a lot about herself along the way. She is such a strong person already, and this new adventure in her life will just make her that much more amazing. I can’t wait to hear all about it, and come visit, and root her on the whole way. Just got me a little when I started thinking how far we have both come since I first met her all those years ago.

I suddenly have the urge to go raid my mother-in-laws house for baby pictures of her and my husband and their brother.Excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out and get all emotional and crap.


The Urge to Run

Running Meme 1

Like after 2 minutes…

I have never in my life been a runner. Ever. I blame the boobs, let’s be real. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere once that any one with anything over a C cup shouldn’t even try, just find something else for cardio lady and move on. Even at the height of my sports playin’ days I wasn’t a runner. Sure I could haul it from base to base or after a stray ball in the outfield, but you want me to run laps? F-in forget it buddy.

But lately.. I just want to run. My body wants to run. I have¬†never¬†felt like this before, maybe it has to do with all the traveling the hubs is doing lately (or for the past year…), maybe I am just feeling restless in life, whatever it is. I need to get out there. I need to run. So I started a couch to 10k running program to see how that goes. I’m not looking to run a marathon next week, or next month, or ever for that matter. But my body has this need to get out there and run free… so that’s what I am going to (try¬†to)¬†do.Running Meme 2

Clean eats – Snacks

Some of the things we have been munching on while staying away from the junk food…

Apples with almond butter

Mixed fruit baggies (or cups depending on the dishwasher status..)

Banana with almond butter (or peanut butter) and dark chocolate or raisins

Homemade protein bars

Apples slices drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with nuts

Veggies with salad dressing for dipping (Annies dressings are a good clean choice)

Mixed nuts (raw, no salt/sugar)

I’ve been a very very bad blogger

I’m sure you’ve noticed. But I have been a very very bad blogger lately. I haven’t posted anything really in a few months.. and I feel horrible about it. The hubs and I have had a¬†TON of stuff going on and¬†my attention has definitely been on other things.


Here is a quick run down of some things that have been going on…

We secretly renovated my moms cabin in Big Bear. She had NO clue! It took weeks and weeks to pull off and before that months and months of planning, stashing things and generally being sneaky. But we finally revealed all the hard work on 4th of July weekend with a great 3 day weekend. You can find before and after shots and other assorted details here.

Our dog got ever cuter! Just kidding.. ¬†he couldn’t possibly get any cuter than he always has been. But he didn’t get less cute.. so that’s something.

Okay, so I guess really we haven’t really done much other than BB. But with both of us working all week, each weekend spent at the cabin working our tails off,¬†trying to stay on top of our own house work (cleaning, laundry, food prep, animal care, etc.), and keeping the fibs with mom straight, it has been pretty crazy. I can’t even begin to tell you how many evenings after work we have spent at Lowes, or Home Depot, or BOTH, oh… and Target.. so many Target trips! Oh and the UPS and FedEx drivers in our area now know the route to our door by heart I’m sure.

Anyway, I promise to be better. I’m getting my -ish together and along with the healthy lifestyle recommitment, I promise to be a better blogger too! :)


Shhhhh… it’s a secret!

I have a secret.

I have been keeping it for months.

… and now it is finally out of the bag!! So I can finally post about it!¬†woo hooooo!!

We recently took on a renovation project at my moms cabin in Big Bear. And she had zero clue it was going on! We have had the place there since 2003 and used to frequent it often. But in the last few years.. well.. things happened and it wasn’t getting the use it had been. Things went by the way-side and it became a little, sad, neglected cabin in the woods.

poor little neglected looking thing :(

poor little neglected looking thing :(

The hubs and SIL and I went up to check in on things last fall before it started to get too cold and hatched a devious plan to put some time and money into it so that we could all fall in love with it all over again. After all, it had been such a fun place to be just a few years ago. But it had since taken on another life and needed some help to get back. So we made a quick list on the back of something I found in my purse (go figure!) and set out to make it happen.

I roped my sister into getting on board, and asked my aunt for some guidance and support in the process. We decided we would wait until early spring (when things started to defrost¬†and warm up a bit) to really get started, with our reveal goal being Mothers Day in May. We started¬†hoarding items as we found them, in our garage, keeping them tucked in inconspicuous places so my mother didn’t find them while “being helpful” around our house (she frequently comes over and cleans, even when I just want her to come keep me company when the hubs is out of town). We finally got started the weekend after Mother’s day, of course. Our first trip up was probably the most physically demanding. We had lots to get done before we could start most of our other projects. We had tons of cleaning to do (and this was just the cleaning so you didn’t feel nasty-dirty-as-soon-as-you-walked-in type of cleaning, not even the deep clean type), drywall to tear out, planning and measuring to get done, it was a tall order. Oh and of course I had to take plenty of before photos.

The next weekend was painting. We did a few other small items on our to-do list, but mostly we painted. Every freaking square inch of that place, well except the wood paneling… wouldn’t want to paint¬†that wood paneling now would we?!

We took a break for fathers day weekend, so we could spend  it with my FIL. But we were right back at it the very next weekend. We changed every light fixture in that place removed some, added some, replaced some and just cleaned up others. We replaced the toilet and all the tub/shower knobs and spouts. The kitchen cabinet doors came off and got a really good scrubbing and got new glass knobs installed, we got new furniture, new dishes and linens (everything.. bathroom, kitchen, bedroom the works!). We hung things on the walls, we had new carpet installed and finally deep cleaned every inch of flooring/cabinets/storage/etc in the place! All in all it took close to 2 months of weekend visits and lots of blood, sweat, and tears. But it looks and feels like a whole new place now. I think from now on it will be that happy, memory making place we all remember and loved so dearly. I can see spending many weekends and vacations there now.

Oh, and boy was mom surprised!

Here are some of the before and after photos.


Starting Clean

I’ve realized over the last few weeks the hubs and I have really slipped in the healthy living department. Don’t get me wrong, we have been plenty active thanks to all the renovations we have been doing in secret for my mom. But our eating habits have suffered and it has been months since I have seen the inside of a gym. I can tell the difference in my body. Where things were once starting to firm up and thin down, they are soft and full again. My back aches sitting at my desk at work, my ring is fitting tighter again and I can tell the hubs is feeling it as well.


So this is it. I am recommitting us to healthy status once again. I will push for gym dates instead of ice cream dates. For fish and turkey instead of burgers and pasta. For jogging with the dog instead of leisurely strolling around the neighborhood. I will pick up those weights again and again and again, I will make this happen. I will make this happen for the both of us. We are starting clean today.