So.. What’s this all about anyway?

Well… 2013 was one heck of a year for us. Tons of things were happening and we were still trying to play catch up with things from 2012 (like the wedding!). I realized that I needed/wanted a way to document the thoughts and feelings, the ups and downs of the things that were going on around us. The special moments that we wanted to share, the recipe I can’t believe I pulled off, the DIY projects left half completed in the garage… this blog has been at least a year in the making.

I am sort of one of those people that when they get on a project they either go full force, 1000% until you don’t want to see it, hear about it, or kick it one more time… OR I give up after 10 minutes of being irritated by it. There really isn’t too much of an in-between with me. With that being said, this blog will see a lot of variety in it’s posts. My sister (and sister-in-law) and I love trying new recipes, so you can bet on those with pictures and easy step by step instructions. I am a true DIYer at heart and am completely addicted to Pinterest so you bet there will be lots of DIY postings and completed Pinterest successes and probably just as many fails. My mother has instilled in me the art of being thrifty, frugal, and green! So I love a good money saving tip or trick and those little life hacks that just make things so much easier. There will be ranting and raving, I’m sure. Motivational posts, and any other random little things that I decide are blog worthy.

If there are things you love and want to see more of, please comment or email and let me know. If there are things you don’t like, well… look away I guess.


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