Zero to Hero – a 30 day blog challenge (intro)

Zero to Hero : 30 days to a better blog

Okay, so I started this more than half way through the month.. oops! So this will run beyond the end of January for sure. Hey, at least it will help get things moving into February!

Here is the first 5 days worth of challenges…


I just finished my “Who am I?” page, so go ahead… I’ll wait, go check it out!


This challenge is supposed to be all about defining your blog name and tagline (that little runner just under the title up there…), when I first published the site, I spent hours and days running through names and ideas with my sister. So let’s just say I wont be changing this again today. I did also publish another post titled “So, whats this all about?” which is more about what my goals are for this blog. Oh, and I added that neat little widget on the side bar that tells more about my blog too. :)


Day 3 is all about remembering why you started a blog in the first place. Since mine is still in infancy really, I took this opportunity to go ahead and post a few new things in an attempt to get some thoughts and feelings out into the world. Check out “The Important First Blog” and “Wednesday Dinners” to start!

I really started this blog as a way to share, to feel like I was making someone else smile or try something new. I want to share the things that are going on in my life (my families life) and be able to inspire others to do the same. The things we want in life aren’t always easy, and sometimes we just need a place to vent, to rant, to feel safe and supported. For me, that place is here A Home in Progress. Because really aren’t we always in progress? Something is always changing and shifting, we are constantly learning and growing, changing things about our selves, our lives. The journey I am on in my life now, I know wont always be easy, but I am looking forward to it. My husband and I are looking forward to starting our family soon, and with that comes a whole new way of life for us. Lots of changes and challenges. To prepare ourselves for a baby, as well as change our lives from dual-income, to single income with a stay at home mom (SAHM) and a new baby will create lots of new reasons to post, to share and to work through new and sometimes unexpected problems and challenges.


Today I am getting out there, I am finding new friends to follow and pushing myself to find ways to introduce myself and my blog to others. I’m starting by adding a few new tags to my reader pane… #zerotohero of course I have to get out there and read what everyone else is doing for this challenge! #DIY because I LOVE a good DIY project! #savingmoney, I mean who doesn’t? #healthyrecipes something we all need in our lives! and finally #SAHM because thats my goal in life right?

While doing this search for fun tags I stumbled upon a few new bloggers I decided to follow as well. First is Bend it like Becker, she is hilarious and tells it like it is. I found her first by her “Motivated 12-Month-Old Seeks New Opportunities” post after-which I couldn’t help but nose around and read a few more gems. Another good mom blog I found is The Adventures of Ernie Buffalo a good mix of random things that make me happy.


I love the way my blog is coming together visually. There are things I am still working on getting together and tweaking the layout of items. Eventually depending on how these first few months go and how I am feeling about this blogging business I may bite the bullet and upgrade to a fancier design template. But for now things are here to stay!

Are there things you guys want to see? not to see? hate the colors (or lack there of)? Let me know! Otherwise.. it shall stay the way it is for the upcoming future.

Feeling pretty proud of myself for powering through 5 of these at once… plus a few associated posts that go along with them. More to come later this week! Or tomorrow if I am feeling especially productive!



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