Square Eye Photography

Okay, I have seriously been waiting over a year to be able to write some glowing words about Edna, owner of Square Eye Photography. I wanted had to make sure I got it out there in the world how outstanding this lady really is.  This post will be long, sorry, and full of amazing photos, and probably a little gushy about how seriously amazing our experience with Edna was, but I can’t help it… we absolutely loved (loved loved loved!!!) our wedding photographer! Edna is such a sweetheart, from the moment we met her at her home/office in Anaheim we knew she was just what we were looking for. We had met with a couple of others but none of them seemed to get our personalities or what our wedding would be like… too formal.. too pretentious.. too stuffy. Things we just SO aren’t. We spent a good 2 hours at that first meeting with her, just chatting and planning, looking at examples of her other work. We left feeling amazing. As soon as we hit the car, Chris and I looked at each other and we knew, Edna was the one!

Let’s start with our engagement shoot. Chris and I got engaged while doing one of our favorite activities… dirt biking. So of course, we had to drag Edna and her assistant out to the desert for a sunrise (I think we left Riverside at like 3am… oh man) photo shoot. This is just a small fraction the results ….

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Also.. this selfie I took…


Taken just after we got back in the truck from shooting for 3 hours.  Apparently I need to wake up at 2am to do my make up and curl my hair, then drive 2 + hours to the middle of no-where, and do a photo shoot while it is freezing cold and super windy.. everyday!!

Then there was the wedding day it’s self. We got married in Santa Barbara County, near Los Olivos (which is an amazing little place all on its own) on a farm property that was absolutely breath taking. Of course, being Chris and I. It poured rain not only the night before our completely planned out-door wedding, but the morning of as well.  I was surprisingly calm. I never felt even an ounce of nervousness or anxiety about the weather or the wedding at all. I knew we had done the best planning we could do, we hired the best people (see these posts: Catering Connection, DJ Justin) and the rest was in mother nature and our families hands at this point. Not much I could do about rain, or last minute hustling everything inside to try to make our ceremony and reception fit inside the small farmhouse. Edna was great through the entire ordeal, she added to the calm inside the small guest cabin where the girls were prepping. She took my accessories while I did my hair and makeup and shot those before I needed them. We needed to transfer to the larger farmhouse for the getting ready shots though and that seemed like it might prove to be a challenge if the rain didn’t let up. All I remember is Edna yelling from the other room the rain had stopped, at least long enough for them to hurry my dress to the other house and that we should hurry and follow… and so we did. Turns out it didn’t drop another single drop of rain until after our reception was well under way. Here are my faves from our getting ready portion…

Wed - Prep 3Wed - Prep 1Wed - Prep 2Wed - Prep 4Chris and I decided there was no way in … hell… we were going to see each other for the wedding. I know it saves picture time and blah blah.. but we didn’t want to see each other before my walk down the aisle. So we did girls and boys photos separately before the ceremony and new couple and bridal party all together after. Here are some of our faves from the pre-ceremony session…

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The ceremony was absolutely amazing… the sky cleared up just in time for us to have an amazing clear, sunny, perfect temperature outdoor event. You know normally the saying is… “the pictures just don’t do it justice..”  well that is definitely not the case here. Edna did everything she could to get the perfect ceremony photos for us. Here are just a few..

After the ceremony we did the traditional family pictures (which I wont bore you with…) and then our bridal party (again left these out for sake of length of this post), and most importantly the newly weds… *sigh…* I absolutely LOVE all of these and had a really hard time narrowing it down for this.

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Last but not least.. our reception, which we had to change to indoors because of the morning rain. It was fabulous and intimate and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. So lastly here is a round-up of our reception pictures.

If you are in need of a wedding photographer, I seriously would recommend Edna, she went to the ends of the earth and back for us. By the end of our wedding day she was covered in mud, sweaty and I’m sure exhausted. But she lives for her work, and you can tell. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out with her! I am linking her website, Pinterest (where she posted a bunch of our photos along with a ton of her other clients) and her Facebook so you can get in touch. If you have any questions or need contact info for her, I would be more than willing to get that to you!

Edna… WE LOVE YOU!! ps.. please take our maternity and newborn photos when we get pregnant!!


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