Apple v. Robot

apple       vs.droid

We made the switch! I loved my iPhone 4, but it was full and I had to keep deleting pictures and videos just to do the new system updates, but I loooooved it. So sure I was nervous, scared even just thinking of making the change. But it wasn’t so bad, aside from an Apple iMessage glitch that took about a week and 30-or so missed texts, to work itself out.

GS4 v. iPhone 4

GS4 v. iPhone 4

Break it down already, obviously there are some major differences between the two (btw we ended up with the Samsung Galaxy S4 32gb in white). I’m not going to get all techy and rattle off a bunch of specs you (and I) probably wont understand. The basics are…  Apple is super easy, very user friendly, and pretty quick to set up, use and understand right out of the box. But I can’t get over how much better looking  my S4 is, the screen is HUGE and bright and the camera is AMAZING. Yes it took me a lot longer to figure out basics, like where the heck do I go to send a darn text message?! (it comes pre-loaded with 3 different apps for messaging.. why??) and email has 2 different locations (depending on if you are g-mail or anything else under the sun), also the 4 FULL pages of apps that came pre-installed. However, once I got my home screen down to manageable level and only the apps I would use, in the places I could find them, I found I really really loved this phone!

The camera is amazing, clear and bright, great zoom with built in filters and neat features Apple does not have available. Also, the camera functions faster then the iPhone, which has a noticeable delay in shutter speed, which makes it super easy to catch cute doggy photos before he knows what I’m doing!

I also love how thin and light the S4 is, makes it a breeze to slide in and out of girl pants pockets (which are not very useful let’s be honest) or in and out of that little pocket in your purse. All in all I would totally recommend cutting the iPhone cord and making the switch. There is a bit of a learning curve involved, but the amount of resources online is astounding and the people at our local Verizon were really great getting us all set up.


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