Usana Shake Reset

First let me start with a simple disclaimer.. myself nor my husband are in either way health professionals, and our review of this product is just that, our personal review. Make sure to consult a healthcare professional prior to starting a program similar to this one.

Usana Rest

So, the hubs and I decided that we need to shed a few pounds. This has been a long time coming, but since he has been traveling so much for work recently, we had a hard time sticking to the whole eating healthy gig. So it starts now. My SIL had recently done the Usana Reset 5 day shake deal, really liked it and had great results. So here we go.

We started with the 5 day Reset Kit. Here is what we got when we ordered.

Includes: 15 shake mixes (6 Chocolate, 5 Vanilla, 4 Strawberry) 10 protein snacks (5 fudge, 2 chocolate chip, 3 peanut butter), 10 HealthPaks, bracelet and a guide.

Includes: 15 shake mixes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry) 10 protein snacks (5 fudge, 2 chocolate chip, 3 peanut butter), 10 HealthPaks, bracelet and a guide.

You can also order just the shake mix, just the snacks or just the healthpaks (vitamins) separately, but we went with the kit to get us going in the right direction.

The plan is to have a shake for breakfast, a low glycerin snack, a healthpak, shake for lunch, another low glycerin snack, shake for dinner, healthpak and one serving of both fruit and veggies. You are consuming right around 1200 calories per day. Seems easy enough. So we started Monday after the Superbowl and went through Friday night.

And the results…??!!

The hubs lost approximately 25lbs. in just 5 days! A ton of that I am SURE was water weight since the shakes and snacks have zero sodium/salt in them, and we didn’t know his exact starting weight. But never-the-less he is a big guy and we are super proud of his results! I lost 11lbs at our first weigh in on Saturday morning after the 5 days, and as of this morning (Monday) I had lost another 4lbs over the weekend! Stoked since we were just eating regular food this weekend (although keeping it healthy and making much better decisions).

In my experience the first day was by far the worst, I had a major headache from lack of caffeine (I didn’t drink ANY coffee the whole time.. and still haven’t had any!) and carb cravings like you wouldn’t believe, I was willing to kill for a croissant! The hubs said the 3rd day was the hardest for him and his sister said the same. We ended up tweaking things just a tad starting the third day. I cut out the “dinner” shake since I was feeling really full at night and didn’t think I needed it. Chris added one extra serving of fruit and veggies at night since he was waking up really really hungry (plus he is super active during the day at work, and lets be honest.. he isn’t a tiny guy so his body really needed it).

All in all we were really happy with the program and plan on keeping it up through a modified version of 1 or 2 shakes a day, 2 healthy snacks, a good home cooked healthy dinner and no more ice cream right before bed (totally our guilty pleasure!).


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