Spinach & Feta Quesadilla

Spinach & Feta Quesadilla

Adapted from Budget Bytes original recipe, I changed just a tweak to make it a little skinnier version. 

I was searching for something yummy with spinach in it, since I got a big lovely bag at the farmers market last Saturday and found this. I tweaked a few things from the original from BB, but overall it’s the same idea. By the way, I thought when I started making this that I had large regular tortillas, but turns out all I had was spinach flavor.. go figure right? So I had spinach on spinach.. but it was still so delicious! Also, not the best photo because I was starving and forgot until I had already started eating.. and in the dark. So yeah, there’s that.

Spinach & Feta Quesadilla

You’ll need…

  • 1/4 lb spinach (fresh like I did, or frozen works too)
  • 2 large tortillas, whole wheat
  • 1 cup mozzarella shredded
  • 1 oz feta cheese (also you could use my favorite cheese, El Mexicano Queso Panela the part skim milk version is best)
  • 1 tsp Mrs. Dash (whatever flavor suits your fancy, I used original this time)
  • coconut oil (just a dash)

Cook the spinach over med heat with just a tad of coconut oil in the bottom (if you are using frozen, just throw it in no need to defrost!) season lightly with your Mrs. Dash or just plain ol’ salt and pepper if you’d like. Scoop the spinach out into a bowl or onto a plate, but leave your flame going. Toss your tortillas in so each one has half the pan and they meet in the middle. Add 1/4 cup mozz to each tortilla, add 1/2 the spinach to each one, next crumble the feta up, 1/2 oz to each tortilla, and then the rest of the mozzarella. Fold the tortilla to make your quesadilla and let it go on each side for just a few minutes. You just want the cheese to melt and the tortilla to get a little crispy.

There are so many other extras you could add in if you wanted too. Add a little chicken to each one for some extra protein, add in extra veggies or olives, yum! Also you could get yourself a marinara dipping sauce like BB recommends, super yum!


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