Dear Google, You Should Have Talked to Me First

I may not have had the greatest most efficient elementary education.. but books were always highly encouraged, at any level we wanted not just at school but at home as well. My sister and I both feasted on book after book, for hours upon hours. Each one leaving a little stamp on our brain, our heart and our soul. I was never discouraged from reading something “beyond or below my level” and I don’t think any child should ever be denied or made to feel uncomfortable reading whatever inspires them.
This letter to Google from Teach From the Heart really hit home with me. I couldn’t agree with her more. I believe that every child should grow up with more books, more outdoors and more things that inspire them to live passionately, I mean really.. isn’t that what being a kid is all about? Finding what inspires you to learn and grow?

teach from the heart

Dear Google,

I wish you’d talked to teachers like me before you made that $40 million investment in Renaissance Learning.

I’ve seen the damage Accelerated Reader can do.

I witnessed it for the first time when I tutored a struggling 5th grader…eighteen years ago.

He hated to read.

He hated being locked into a level.

He hated the points associated with the books.

But more importantly, he was humiliated when he didn’t earn enough points to join in the monthly party or get to ‘buy’ things with those points at a school store full of junky prizes.

I’ve seen kids run their fingers along the binding of a book, a book they REALLY wanted read, but then hear them say, “But it’s not an AR book,” or “It’s not my level.”

I’ve watched them scramble to read the backs of books or beg a friend for answers so they can get…

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