I’ve been a very very bad blogger

I’m sure you’ve noticed. But I have been a very very bad blogger lately. I haven’t posted anything really in a few months.. and I feel horrible about it. The hubs and I have had a TON of stuff going on and my attention has definitely been on other things.


Here is a quick run down of some things that have been going on…

We secretly renovated my moms cabin in Big Bear. She had NO clue! It took weeks and weeks to pull off and before that months and months of planning, stashing things and generally being sneaky. But we finally revealed all the hard work on 4th of July weekend with a great 3 day weekend. You can find before and after shots and other assorted details here.

Our dog got ever cuter! Just kidding..  he couldn’t possibly get any cuter than he always has been. But he didn’t get less cute.. so that’s something.

Okay, so I guess really we haven’t really done much other than BB. But with both of us working all week, each weekend spent at the cabin working our tails off, trying to stay on top of our own house work (cleaning, laundry, food prep, animal care, etc.), and keeping the fibs with mom straight, it has been pretty crazy. I can’t even begin to tell you how many evenings after work we have spent at Lowes, or Home Depot, or BOTH, oh… and Target.. so many Target trips! Oh and the UPS and FedEx drivers in our area now know the route to our door by heart I’m sure.

Anyway, I promise to be better. I’m getting my -ish together and along with the healthy lifestyle recommitment, I promise to be a better blogger too! :)



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