Clean eats – Snacks

Some of the things we have been munching on while staying away from the junk food…

Apples with almond butter

Mixed fruit baggies (or cups depending on the dishwasher status..)

Banana with almond butter (or peanut butter) and dark chocolate or raisins

Homemade protein bars

Apples slices drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with nuts

Veggies with salad dressing for dipping (Annies dressings are a good clean choice)

Mixed nuts (raw, no salt/sugar)


2 thoughts on “Clean eats – Snacks

    • Same here. I tend to get into ruts with food, and then when I get burnt out I give up and eat gross. Not good. So I have been working hard on changing things up so I don’t get bored! :)

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