Now I have to learn to use “y’all” properly…

So the big news is out.. we are officially moving to Houston!
I have been waiting for this. It seems like we have been sitting on this news for a year now (not really… but it sure feels like it), and we can finally shout it from the roof tops! So long California!!

Texas wood flag

Houston has so much more opportunity for us, a better place to raise a family, a better place to invest in a home, and better job opportunities for both of us! It’s a big move, a bit of a scary one, and the farthest either of us has ever been from “home”. But we are so so excited to take the leap and jump in. The hubs brother is stationed at Fort Hood so we have someone within a few hours, and we get to see the nieces and nephew more often now, which I couldn’t be more excited about! And with recent developments it seems that the hubs sister will be a little closer to (12 hours instead of 22).

So the moving game begins… renting out our current place, looking for a new place, purging, packing, all that way fun stuff that comes along with moving (again.. didn’t we just do this??). We just bought our current place last summer, and although we love it and it has proved to be a great home for us the last year, it’s time to move on.. bigger and better as they say! Which will absolutely be true since we are moving to a city where you can buy a mansion for I’m pretty sure the cost of a shoe box in the worst part of the ghetto here, ha.Texas Y'all

So excited for this new adventure in life. Sure to create lots of memories and learn new things along the way. Lot’s more Texas news to come, but until then.. I am off to practice my accent and my “y’alls”.




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