Starting Clean

I’ve realized over the last few weeks the hubs and I have really slipped in the healthy living department. Don’t get me wrong, we have been plenty active thanks to all the renovations we have been doing in secret for my mom. But our eating habits have suffered and it has been months since I have seen the inside of a gym. I can tell the difference in my body. Where things were once starting to firm up and thin down, they are soft and full again. My back aches sitting at my desk at work, my ring is fitting tighter again and I can tell the hubs is feeling it as well.


So this is it. I am recommitting us to healthy status once again. I will push for gym dates instead of ice cream dates. For fish and turkey instead of burgers and pasta. For jogging with the dog instead of leisurely strolling around the neighborhood. I will pick up those weights again and again and again, I will make this happen. I will make this happen for the both of us. We are starting clean today.