The Urge to Run

Running Meme 1

Like after 2 minutes…

I have never in my life been a runner. Ever. I blame the boobs, let’s be real. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere once that any one with anything over a C cup shouldn’t even try, just find something else for cardio lady and move on. Even at the height of my sports playin’ days I wasn’t a runner. Sure I could haul it from base to base or after a stray ball in the outfield, but you want me to run laps? F-in forget it buddy.

But lately.. I just want to run. My body wants to run. I have never felt like this before, maybe it has to do with all the traveling the hubs is doing lately (or for the past year…), maybe I am just feeling restless in life, whatever it is. I need to get out there. I need to run. So I started a couch to 10k running program to see how that goes. I’m not looking to run a marathon next week, or next month, or ever for that matter. But my body has this need to get out there and run free… so that’s what I am going to (try to) do.Running Meme 2